In Felicia the Artist

A day in Cork.

Well ,today Ebony & I went to Cork to pack up her student apartment & bring back all her stuff – What alot she had! fortunately she had managed to hide most of it in her old room before her sister (now the sole occupant of that room) came home from school!
Then we met with Louise and had a lovely morning of drinking coffee (that was me) and telling stories of famous people behaving strangely, but fortunately the story had a happy ending (that was her!)
Thanks for the tour Louise, i definately need to find that old book shop!
Ebony had Christmas vouchers to use up, and me being the non clothes shopping type was planning to sit down and read my book…. I don’t know what happened but i find myself now having to make room for the 3 shirts, 1 t-shirt and green cardigan that seem to have followed me home!!
I was going to put up a photo of the t-shirt, its navy with a hippy Hello Kitty on – (too cute!! ) but the tattery boggits that like to hide things in my house have got my camera!
So, that was my Monday, hope you enjoyed yours x x x

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